“Vardar” – “Motor”: forecast and rate. Will “Vardar” be able to take revenge?

Team form

Vardar lacks stability throughout the season. There are too many failures in the team’s game, and most often they occur in away matches. In the SEHA League, the team is in third position, with four points scored after four matches. In the last round, Vardar lost to Nexa (32:36).

Motor is the undisputed leader of Group B in the SEHA League, having won three fights. In the last round they won a victory over “Nexe” (35:28). Before the fight with “Vardar” the Cossacks have a whole lot of problems. You need to start with the fact that six players of the Ukrainian national team flew from the Faroe Islands only on Tuesday. Due to the fact that the head coach of the national team Nikolai Stepants was found to have a coronavirus, Ukrainian national teams were very carefully checked for the presence of coronavirus due to fear of infecting the rest of the team members. Regarding their participation in the upcoming fight, the decision will be made on the eve of the fight.

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Outcome betting

Bookmakers prefer Vardar in this confrontation 1.62, draw can be played for 8.30, and the victory of “Motor” is available with a quote 2.96. Within the framework of history, teams met five times among themselves, and in three meetings the victory remained with the club from North Macedonia.

Forecast and rates

Without a doubt, a series of failures hit Vardar’s ambitions. The team should aim to interrupt the unsuccessful streak and do it already in the next fight. Motor has certain problems with the starting lineup, not all the best players on the team will be able to take part in the upcoming confrontation. Taking into account the motivation of the site owners and the guests’ problems, I propose to play the victory of “Vardar” with the quotation 1.62.

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